Hausbesuch bei Helle Schröder
16.11.2017, 17.00 Uhr, Bernauer Straße, Berlin

„The private home that Helle Schröder and Martin Janekovic (X-TH Architecture) have designed for themselves and their two children almost fell victim to these standardising forces of capitalism, for when they applied for a loan the banks refused at first to grant it to them. “They had all sorts of arguments against our concept”, remembers Helle Schröder smiling. “They were telling us, that our design reduces the floor area and therefore reduces the value of the house, too. They also told us that if there is no elevator just all these ramps and stairs, it gets harder to sell the house as it isn’t fit for elderly or handicapped people. Finally they were also asking how we wanted to live in the house once we ourselves grew old. While all we wanted was to create a house that we want to live in now!”“

Florian Heilmeyer , uncube