Die Gestaltung einer Forschungs- und Beobachtungsstation für 2-3 Personen. Eine temporäre Unterkunft, ein Arbeitsraum für die naturwissenschaftliche und künstlerische Forschung wird weiter entwickelt. Eine Fortsetzung der Übung #6.1.

„Joseph Guglielmi wrote this monostich:
in the courtyard               plane trees five
This poem is exemplary despite it´s ‚grammatically incorrectness‘, in that the „normal word
order should be:
in the courtyard, five plane trees
or even more simply,
five plane trees in the courtyard
or else,
In the courtyard, five plane trees.
He, however, wrote:
in the courtyard               plane trees five
Marked by no initial capital letter and no full stop, with a blank space separating the
verse into two distinct parts and this entirely unorthodox inversions.

So let´s try to read what is written rather than what ‚should have‘ been written.
We are in the presence of a ‚moment of conviction‘ (George Oppen). First, the place:
in the courtyard. Then, a displacement of gaze: the blank space. Next, the objects
occupying this space: trees, identified as plane trees.

Finally, their number: five. The order is in fact logical. No sound-minded person would
begin by counting five before asking himself the question. ‚But in fact, five what?‘

Emmanuel Hocquard, „The frontier, the limit and the border“, in Patrice Goulet (ed.) Jacques Hondelatte des grattes ciel dans la tete, Paris, Editions Norma, 2002, pp. 415-417



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